Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

ByBlossom is owned and run by the two of us … Richie and Heather.
We work from our home studio; which we have equipped with everything we could possibly need to produce your perfect stationery. The only thing we contract out is the printing as all of our stationery is professionally printed on top quality heavy-weight papers with matching envelopes. For each process, such as foiling, we work with specialist chosen printers all of whom we know and trust.
Why we believe you will love ByBlossom and what sets us apart from many of the other wedding stationery companies is that we don’t emulate or imitate. Everything is lovingly created by Heather who has a natural talent for graphic design and a love of all things beautiful. Subsequently, if you want to add your own personal touch of style to your wedding stationery, she really loves being given the opportunity to work closely with you to design something truly bespoke.
Together we have a wealth of experience in the design industry and an in-depth knowledge of all of the technicalities of printing. Working together, we offer you the key to unlocking the best in contemporary wedding stationery.
We really care about you and your needs. From a stationery point of view, we will hand hold you throughout the whole journey, as we understand we are working towards one of the biggest days in your lives. If you would like to read some of our latest testimonials and be kept up to date on Heather ‘s exciting new work, just follow us on Facebook.
Oh… and we are always available by phone but when you call, you might also hear the other members of our team … Lillie and Buster…. our lovely but somewhat excitable cocker spaniels… we talk about them a lot and they are another reason why we choose to work from a home studio.
If you’d like to hear them… or us, please don’t hesitate to ring as we would ALL love to hear from you!

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